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Computer Vision (CV) is pretty awesome. It reminds me that while we humans can easily understand what we’re looking at, it’s way way harder for the computer to be at our level of understanding:

Us: We see a hand!
Computer: What’s a hand? I just see two blobs.


It’s been a little while since I’ve been doing hardware things. Lately, I’ve been fighting with openCV which so far has been an absolute nightmare but I have been slowly making progress. CV frustrated me enough that I’ve decided to take a little break and play with some microcontrollers.




Best Buds...

Best Buds…

Let’s go back in time.

Near the end of my time at college, students had to take a design “capstone” course where we were assigned a certain project to complete by the end of the year. The kinds of projects were varied but some examples were automatic gate openers, weather stations and fly trackers. I’m sure most EECS departments had something like this and we were no different. (more…)

Hi everyone,

Things are getting really hectic around here at meoWS. I am currently wrapping up a project and am about to start up two new projects. I hope to get one of them finished this month. Be sure to check back later this week in the projects section to see what I’ve cooked up recently.

Damnit partybot, we’re supposed to be working!!

This weekend, I decided to take some time to play around with conductive paint. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but it wasn’t until recently that I got my hands on some paint made by Bare Conductive. I took a small sheet of acrylic I had laying around and decided to make a touch pad out of it:

Happy Halloween to all the ghosts, ghouls, monsters et al. running around tonight in search of (or distributing) sugary snacks. I’ll be looking forward to all the awesome costumes floating around the internet in the next few days…not that I haven’t seen any sweet ones already.

Sadly, I haven’t made a costume for this year but I have rigged up a plastic jack-o-lantern that I bought last year. It’s amazing how much the price drops on these things when they’re “broken.” All I had to do was bust out the soldering iron and reattach the battery lead. Using an arduino, the Cap Sense Library, tin foil and some LEDs, I made a touch sensitive jack-o-lantern that I call the “Cyber Punkin.”

Every now and then, I like to play around in the Signal Processing world – more so in the audio realm than anything else. The thought that sound can be represented by an array containing a whole bunch of (seemingly arbitrary) numbers ready for manipulation is just awesome!. Yes, I had a lot of fun in my signal processing labs at school and I still love messing around with GNU Octave post-college.

Waveform of the Track I Used.