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TiCS = “This is Cool Stuff”
I thought I’d try something new where I would showcase some neat stuff I’ve found around the internetz once a month.

1. A Cool Way of Visualizing the FFT
Ben McChesney took the openFrameworks addon, ofxFFT and made a neat way of visualizing the Fast Fourier Transform of whatever his mic was picking up…in this case, his voice and music.


There’s a home decor store that I like to visit every now and then which has some neat things. For each visit, I like to think about how to somehow integrate electronics to whatever I find most interesting.

In my most recent visit, I found a cute brass pillbox and bought it. I decided to make a digital thermometer and have the pillbox house it. I also had to make a gift for my sister as her birthday was coming soon so I thought that this would make a pretty neat gift.

I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to play around with Atmel microcontrollers. Sure, I’ve used the Arduino platform many times but I haven’t actually programmed an Atmel chip without using Arduino code. I’ve been really interested in using an AtTiny for a project and while I could burn in the Arduino bootloader, I decided that I would take this opportunity to get messy, take chances and make (a whole lot) of mistakes.