Hardware design files, source code and any other design files are usually found in the meoWS Github repository. You are free to use them at your own risk.

Major Projects

A musical alarm clock made to resemble the popular
internet meme, the Nyan Cat.
A proof-of-concept project that uses a geophone,
some electronics and a Raspberry Pi to display
real-time seismic data via Plotly, an internet-based
graphing service.
photo (1)The Sound Revolver
A table that makes music by placing differently
coloured nodes on the surface.
My first attempt at making something cool with a
plush robot, e-textiles and openFrameworks.
A hackable electronic music box using an Arduino,
some inputs and lots of pretty lights!
Coffee Cup Bells
Re-using paper coffee cups doomed for the trash can
to create musical bells.

Quick Projects

Music over Lasers
A fun little experiment transmitting audio
with a laser pointer.
photo-3The Freshest Instru-mint Whistle
A prototype of a touch pad based
musical interface.
photo-1Pillbox Thermometer
An ATTiny84 based digital thermometer
encased inside a small, brass pillbox.
Ocarina of Time Challenge
An attempt at making a jukebox of songs
“from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”
using a PIC18F and a MIDI chip.